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Barber Battle


Men’s World Expo BARBER BATTLE

This MWE Barber Battle contest will be between Barbershops from The inland Empire. We are looking for the best and most creative Barbers in this area. Below are the Rules and Categories for the Competition. To register for the competition you must email: for a application.

MWE Barber Battle 2018 Rules RULES:

NO LICENSE, NO COMPETING (Student License or Barber License is required. Participating Barbers will be checked through the Barber board database.)Barbershop entry is $50.00 Shop will get 1 Free Ticket for each category entered

ALL competing MWE Barbers MUST have there equipment setup AND be at their stations at least 30 minutes prior to category start time. (If you're not at your station by the appointed time, we will start without you. NO REFUNDS)

Barbershops are required to bring their own models. It is not a guarantee that one will be available at the event.

Competing Barbers, models, staff & Judges are the ONLY entrants not required to pay the cover at the door. (BARBERS, if you bring someone that is disrespectful to the guests, staff etc. them and possibly you will be asked to leave. Keep your people in line.)

Barbershops must reserve your spots via the E-MAIL Registration. If you cannot register for any reason, contact me asap (The cutoff time to register will be 5 business days before the day of the event.

PRIZES will be the same in each category: 1st Place Winner $200 and Trophy; 2nd Place $100 and Trophy; and 3rd Place $75.

Haircut Categories

LOW FADE W/ BEARD (Pre-Cut and Judged at Venue) This battle is an everyday cut battle that is all about a good clean haircut. The low fade must be a true low fade not mid or high. The length on the top must be at least 1.5″ and the sides must be bald to show full transition. Model will be judged on fade, transitions, shape up, beard, overall cut.

OLD SCHOOL (Pre-Cut and Judged at Venue) This competition is a throwback to the 80’s haircuts like Flat top, Gumby, Staircase, with parts and or color. The judging will be based on cleanliness of cut, fading, shaping, overall look of the cut. Designs are accepted but will not give you extra points.

FREE-STYLE DESIGN – (60 min on Site) This is for any barber that wants to show off their artistry skills and creativity from simple to the most complex design. Barbers will be judged on how creative and clean their cut/design is. There is no color used in this contest during the competition, but you may pre-color with permanent color at least 24 hrs before competition. There are to be no pre-cuts. Barbers will be judged on the complexity, creativity, the design, and overall haircut. There are no extra points given or deducted for color usage. Theme Outfit is not judged in this competition but is welcomed.

Fastest Fade COMPETITION – (on Site) This competition is to show your hair art capability. This free competition does allow you to pre-cut your models design, then finish it on stage. Judging will be based on creativity, cleanliness and overall look