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Speaker Line Up

The #MENSWORLDEXPO will feature some of the most popular figures in our Mens World.

Listen as our presenters touch on important aspects in men’s health, fitness, grooming, education, money management, meal preparation, grilling techniques, automotive, recreation, home decor, technology, and more.

At the Men’s World Expo, our goal is to educate and bring awareness to keeping MEN today on top of their game.

Speaking segments will be done on our #MWE stage which will consist with interviews, live symposiums, public discourses,and demonstrations.

It’s all happening October 20- 21 at the Pechanga Casino Resort. Get your tickets today!

Eric Curran

Pro Race Car Driver- Life in the Fast Lane

Eric grew up in Western Massachusetts as the son of Paul Curran who lives and breaths cars. He and his father owned and operated the car dealership Performance Motoring in Hadley MA for over 20 years. Together they bought and sold cars as well as ran a large service department managing over 150 customers a week. The two of them also built a race car at the dealership in which they both raced in the 90’s. Eric focused hard on the business and racing for the last 20 years and made them both very successful. Many years later Paul was looking to retire and Eric’s professional racing career was taking off. They chose to sell of the dealership in 2011.

Eric is currently a professional race car driver for the Action Express Racing/Wheelen Engineering team in the IMSA Tudor Prototype series in which he just finished 3rd in the drivers championship with Action Express Racing. Eric has been racing sports cars, stock cars and everything in between for the last 21 years. Eric was prepped and ready to utilize his dealer and racing relationships to build West Coast Exotic Cars with long time friend, teammate and partner Boris Said.

Erick Shultz

Owner of Rock Body/ IFBB Classic Physique Bodybuilder 3X 2016

''Keys to Longevity"

James T Richards III

Health & Wellness Coach

''Men..It's time to Reach your Goals''

Karson Bader, Phd

Physics of Ninja Warrior

Morgan Steckler

CEO Blockchain Evangelist

''The Future with Cryptocurrency''

Karen Barnett-

Owner of the Small Bar & Grill

'' Men..Don't Be Lame, Know Your Beers!!''


Fitness coach

'' I use my knowledge and my experiences in life to help people develop the body that not only allows them to look great but to feel the best they have ever felt in their life. I know how it feels to be overweight. When I attended college in my first year at the University of Arizona years in 2012, I was 184 pounds and at 27 % body fat. (Keep in mind I'm am 5'6) The worse part about this situation, I didn't even realize I was extremely overweight for my size until I came back to San Diego to visit my family for winter break. The look my family gave me was priceless. The words from my brother struck me the most. He said, " wow OJ you’re fat. So how was school?" As soon as that happened I took a good look at myself and realized I was in the worst physical condition in my life. I instantly started to remember all the choices that I made that led up to me being at this point in my life. I didn't just gain the freshman 15. I gained THE FRESHMAN 25. That day I made a commitment to becoming healthy and fit. I have made it my duty to constantly do research and learn the most effective ways of losing fat and developing the lean, toned, strong body I wanted. Throughout this time period I went through a lot of up and downs really trying to find myself and now I am a point in my life where I am committed to making an impact and inspiring people it is possible to achieve anything you want to accomplish. My goal is to inspire a billion people to live a healthier lifestyle and become the best possible versions of themselves. I believe if we are making progress every day toward this goal, we are not only bettering ourselves but benefiting others with our self-development. So join me on my journey of spreading this message.''

Jerry Fraize

Magic Seals

'' I use my knowledge and my experiences in life to help people develop tWants to show you How to Make Grilling Easy! "

Matt & Danielle McGrane


'' What your Barbeque Grill is not telling you"

Freedom in Motion Gym Parkour Performance